Case Study: Timber Retreat

Summary of project:

This property was built for a homeowner whose main focus was to achieve a beautifully finished and well designed cottage within a very tight timeline. This cottage was built as an investment property that needed to be ready in less than six months.  Normerica worked together with the client to design a cozy cottage that met all of their needs and was completed quickly onsite by using prefabricated building systems to expedite the construction timeline.


Timber frame elements throughout the whole house including the bathrooms provide a mix of warm contemporary and country elements. The great room features large windows that allow daylight to fill the main level and leads into a modern kitchen and dining area, perfect for entertaining. The lower level has a walk out basement with a 10-foot high ceiling that gives a very open feel to the large family room. The house fits perfectly with the landscape and the dark siding with white stained timber elements give a fresh modern look to this stunning lakefront cottage.

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Gross Floor Area (GFA)

Full Basement + 1st floor +2nd floor + Porches (Does not include Garage, Decks, Piers & Crawlspace) 4,051 sq. ft.

Building Style/Shape:




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