Professional Partnerships


Ensuring you offer the best to your clients.

Whether you’re a multi-unit builder, developer or you’re acting for an individual buyer, our in-house designers, structural engineers and construction managers are ready to help you secure your customers’ complete confidence.

Your business is important to our business. We want you to be able to confidently deliver the highest quality timber frame homes available.

Professional Builders

Whether you undertake multiple timber frame projects each year, or you’re simply constructing one home, we provide you with the highest quality, most complete, cost-competitive timber frame packages possible.

And we’ll support you with responsive design, engineering, construction and even marketing services.


From our first year in business, we’ve been part of successful residential and commercial development across North America and around the world.

As part of your development and architectural team, we can provide you with full access to our timber frame experts: Normerica’s in-house designers, structural engineers and construction managers.

Architects / Engineers

When timber frame expertise is required, Normerica is ready. We work with architects and engineers on projects ranging from small cabins to grand lodges, anywhere in North America and around the world.

Our Design & Engineering Department can provide budget pricing from early sketch drawings, structural advice and detailing, conceptual design development, shop drawing creation and even 3D building imagery using the latest software.

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