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The Normerica Shell Package: design flexibility meets cost reduction.

Just as you have the ultimate flexibility to custom design your Normerica home, we make it easy to custom design your Normerica Shell Package. Talk to us today about which package elements are right for your needs.

    Super Insulated Shell Package


    Our Super Insulated Shell Package is designed to a higher standard than conventional construction, giving you an energy efficient home that is built with the finest materials available. With Normerica’s super insulated walls, roof and high-performance windows; your tightly built home will keep a consistent temperature no matter what Mother Nature has to offer. Our package includes all the elements that make up a complete insulated and weather-tight shell for your home; from the top of the foundation to the roof, ready for shingles.

    At Normerica we know that budget matters. As such, we offer several value engineering options to save you money and not compromise the look of your home. Our value engineered homes still have the finely crafted ‘look’ you have become to appreciate, while still meeting or exceeding today’s building standards. These value engineering options will help make your dream of owning a Normerica Timber home come true.
    1. Authentic Timber Frame - Available in White Pine, Douglas fir, Oak and other species as requested.
    2. First level subfloor system – Engineered wood floor joists, built-up
    engineered wood support beams, treated sill plates, sill gasket, and ¾ T&G
    premium OSB and subfloor adhesive.
    3. R30 ‘Superwall’ Panel Wall System encloses the exterior of the
    building envelope. Comprised of 2x6 factory-constructed wall panels, with
    1½” Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) site installed exterior insulation, providing a
    continuous insulation barrier, free from thermal bridging. Premium batt
    insulation and vapour barrier is provided for onsite installation of the wall
    cavity, providing you with an R-Value exceeding most local building
    standards. Wall panels are ready for installation of 1x4” strapping, windows.
    R30 Wall System is completely site assembled
    If your home is intended for seasonal use, we can work with you to
    reduce insulation values.
    4. 1x6” T&G v-joint pine cathedral ceiling finish and
    porch ceiling finish.
    5. R40 Cathedral Roof System with Polyiso insulationR33 Cathedral Roof System with Graphite Polystyrene (GPS)
    6. Aluminum clad exterior, pine interior windows & sliding doors –
    Low ’E’ argon filled insulating glass. Windows supplied based on model. All
    windows come with screens and pine jamb extensions, multiple colours
    Vinyl exterior windows and sliding doors - Low ’E’ argon filled
    insulating glass. Windows supplied based on model. All windows come
    with screens and 4-9/16” pine jambs. Available in white, with the option
    to paint any colour.
    7. Front Door – Every model comes with one custom pine front door.Front Door – Fiberglass insulated door.
    8. Side and Rear Doors – Exterior swing doors are supplied as steel
    insulated doors.
    9. Prefinished exterior wood siding with 8 – 50 year material and finish
    10. Prefinished wood exterior fascia, soffit, and exterior window/door
    casing with 8 – 50 year material and finish warrantees.
    11. Interior site framed partitions
    12. Skylights
    13. Attached garages and exterior timber
    trusses/brackets and porches are included where shown.
    14. Second level ‘sleeper’ subfloor for timber frame portions of
    home – 1x6” T&G v-joint pine (first floor ceiling) with 2x8” SPF nonstructural
    ‘sleeper’ joists (for mechanical/electrical distribution) and ¾” T&G premium OSB with subfloor adhesive above.
    Second level floor for timber frame portions of home – 6/4” T&G pine supplied for ceiling/floor.
    15. Second level subfloor system (for non-timber frame portions of
    home – “Combination Home”) – Engineered wood floor joists, built-up
    engineered wood support beams, ¾” T&G premium OSB and subfloor adhesive.
    16. R60 insulated engineered truss roof system when a flat ceiling is designed.
    17. Building plans and certified engineered shop drawings included
    18 Technical representative on-site

    Discover the process of building a Normerica timber frame home or cottage

    We promise to provide you with a unique custom timber frame home that’s designed to be constructed with a high level of timeline and budget predictability. It’s our goal to not only work with you to create a stunning timber frame home that’s perfect for you and your family, but also to ensure that the entire process from design through construction is as simple as possible for you.

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