Timber Frame Solutions for Architects & Builders

We have proudly collaborated with architects and builders on projects worldwide. Normerica’s expertise is the creation of the perfect timber frame building system. In collaboration with you and your development team, we can provide creative design input, structural engineering, precision fabrication for the timber frame, along with a complete insulated building shell to enclose the heavy timbers. In addition, our on-site services always include a technical representative, and if required, a variety of on-site construction services. We will work closely with you to make sure that we have a firm understanding of your unique design and budget needs. Our team of experts understand the intricacies of a timber frame project, so you don’t need to. Your client will love the integrity, warmth, and timelessness of the timber frame building that you’ve created for them.

  • Normerica Timber Frames, Architects & Builders, Construction, Framing, Trusses

    Detailed & Accurate Quote Process

    • Budget pricing from early sketch drawings.
    • Details quotes from engineered shop drawings.
    • Complete pricing detail and transparency.
  • Normerica Timber Frames, Architects & Builders, Heights of Horseshoe, Trusses

    On Time & On Budget

    • We set realistic timelines and ensure to deliver on time for everything from quotes and drawings to sign-offs and product delivery.
    • Quick turnaround on changes.
    • Updates on how any and all changes will impact the overall cost of your project to ensure there are no surprises for you and your client.
  • Normerica Timber Frames, Architects & Builders, Construction, Trusses

    On-Site Support & Warranty

    • A Normerica craftsman will be on site to provide direction and support for the erection of the timber frame structure.
    • Have peace of mind with our industry leading warranty.

“Normerica is the most professional, personal, and accommodating company I have worked with. Their attention to detail at every level was by far a “10” on any scale.”

P. Vickers, CO

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