“We love our home on Lake Huron and so does everyone who sees it. I have built thousands of units over 30+ years in the housing business and as an “insider”, I was very impressed with the Normerica product and process.”

I. Cook, ON

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  • log home style timber frame house plans

    Log Home Style Timber Frame Plans

    How You Can Achieve a Log Home Style with More Refined and Durable Timber Frame

    You may want to build a log house because...

    • A log home connects us to our past, either a comfort with the way things were built in the past or perhaps a log home that’s been in the family for years.
    • A log home celebrates the warmth of wood.
    • A log home is the perfect fit with the natural surroundings - in the forest, the country, or a cottage property.
    • Log homes are know to be long lasting and durable.
    • Log homes are built with a tried and true building technique that’s been around through the ages.

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