“We love our home on Lake Huron and so does everyone who sees it. I have built thousands of units over 30+ years in the housing business and as an “insider”, I was very impressed with the Normerica product and process.”

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  • log home style timber frame house plans

    Log Home Style House Plans

    Love log home aesthetics?

    How can you achieve a log home style with more refined and durable timber frame?

    Where log cabins are made of horizontal stacked logs, timber frames are post-and-beam construction. Timber frame homes require a timber skeleton (the frame). These are vertical posts supporting horizontal beams using mortise and tenon joints to connect the timber pieces together. This interlocking frame supports the weight of the home, eliminating the need for load-bearing interior walls, and creating wide-open living spaces.

    Check out these timber frame designs that have a log home style look and feel.

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